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    I went to a semi-local music store because they were advertising an Epiphone Les Paul 1960s Standard v3 for sale at a decent price ($400) and after talking to them, everything seemed stock about the guitar - I had one before and regretted selling it, so off I went in hopes of getting those burstbucker pickups in a good guitar...

    Upon arriving, came to find out there was a crack just below the headstock, the original pickups had been swapped out and it had been played hard, in need of a fret job and some rework - a no go...

    So I start walking the store, that has a ton of stuff and I notice one tagged "Epiphone Les Paul Standard" and its marked down to $200 - but the pickups are nickel covered, it has the lime Keystone tuners branded epiphone and a gold Custom Shop logo on back of the head stock. I plug it in and it sounds really, really good. Pop the back cover - metal braid pickup wire - pretty sure those are Gibsons and there are other indications pickups have been changed out. I do the deal and pickup a pedal while I am there.

    Turns out is a 2008 Epiphone Les Paul Slash that someone changed out the SD Alnico's with a set of '57 Classics. Its in the middle of a string change, cleaning up the control wires and oiling up of the fretboard, but very happy with it. Has an extra-long neck tenon and one-piece mahogany back - haven't weighed it yet but guessing about 8.5 lbs.



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    Great find! She is a beauty. Congrats!
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