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    New Free Amp Day! :D

    Yesterday I was given a Roland CUBE-15 by a friend. He and his wife recently moved from Corpus Christi to Maryland, and after we said our goodbyes a couple of weeks ago, he remembered some things he wanted to give me. So he left them at a seniors community that I play on Thursdays, so I picked up the gear yesterday.

    There was a box with a number of microphones and cables in it, and the amp. I haven't even checked out the mics yet, I just got home with the box of stuff, took the CUBE-15 out and gave it a quick test drive. I played through it using the Clean channel, then using the Overdrive and Distortion settings on the Lead channel. I'll probably never use the Metal or Metal Stack settings. Then I snapped a few pics so I could post about it here on TDPRI.

    I don't know how long my friend had the amp. I've known him 10 years, performed in a duo with him some years back. For about as long as I've known him, he's had this amp. But the amp is older than that, at least 13 years old, maybe as much as 17. I actually played through it once, probably 7 years ago now.

    Everything on the amp is working. Well, I haven't tried the Metal and Metal Stack setting on the Lead channel, 'cuz like I said before, I'll probably never use them. I like the Roland Clean just fine.

    Last night, after coming home from taking my wife out to eat, I put my BOSS ME-70 multi-fx pedal in front of it, and experimented a bit. Added reverb, then layered on top of that tremolo, then switched to a blend of chorus + delay with the 'verb. Also played with fuzz, distortion and overdrive, and tried out different COSM amp models on the ME-70 through the CUBE-15. The amp models worked well through the amp, had an all around fun time experimenting.

    When I finished, I asked my wife what she thought, and she gave some typical "That was fine" type of answer. But she then added, "That was almost too loud." I had the volume set between 9 and 10 o'clock. I could definitely do some gigs with this thing.

    But then I wasn't surprised by that. I do a lot of gigs with a Vox Pathfinder 15R, so amps with a small footprint, 15 watts and an 8" speaker are something I use for a lot of gigs.
    08-29-2019 - Roland CUBE-15 - 1 (2).jpg 08-29-2019 - Roland CUBE-15 - 3.jpg 08-29-2019 - Roland CUBE-15 - 5.jpg
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    Congratulations! That was a nice thing for him to do!
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    Nice amp! love the tones from these even though they're SS. In high school we had guitar club for only our freshmen year and one dude had a parker and used this amp. He was gifted to him by his uncle who just had it and boy it was beautiful.
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