New Trial Performance. We enjoyed it!

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    Covid restrictions still has gigs pretty well dried up around here. Outdoor stuff seems ok but still limited gathering.

    We decided to hold our next practice the local Farmer’s Market. A street market that is held on Saturdays downtown.

    2 acoustic guitars and my mandolin no amplification. No mics. A cajone. No amplification. Bass player has a small solid state amp. A 300W power inverter hooked up to a 12V car battery. We wanted him to warm up our sound. We had a volume controlled very well.

    We played for 2 hours. Basically a rehearsal in a different spot. The passers-by loved us. Many compliments and they tipped up well. I came to realize there was many children who had never seen a live band before. They were blown away. Enamoured. Dancing with their parents. The little ones loved putting money in the tip container.

    A rewarding gig as I think we influenced many children. Adults appreciated the live music. There’s been so little of it these past 18 months.

    We were basically buskers. Street musicians. We had a ton of fun. We all felt great and appreciated. Try it folks if you are set up. I recommend.

    Check out the mandolin case on the ground. Lol. We didn’t do it for the money but it was appreciated.

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