New to the forum...not to tele's


Doctor of Teleocity
May 12, 2013
Fort Worth, Texas
Well big welcome from Tejas! Always good to have more builders in the ranks. Our first job here as forum members (and we consider this our main function in life) is to swell the number of guitars and equipment you currently have. We will display pictures of beautiful guitar builds with sound clips that will put ten guitars where currently four reside. Sure, you think you are happy and content with those four teles, but we will be the judge of that. This process starts by us innocently asking you to post pictures of your builds. (Btw, you really do need to post those) Then the idea swapping will start. All the clever and beautiful guitars will have you bit by the bug and before you know it you’ll be posting the ubiquitous ”Thinning the herd” thread. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Again, allow us to extend the warmest of welcomes!!