New Song: "The Mighty Ocean"

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    This was a song I wrote in 2014, after being inspired by some of the lines in Pete Townshend's then-new autobiography. The title came from all the water imagery in Townshend's songs over the years ("Drowned," "The Sea Refuses No River," etc. The lines about "It's to the gods, you must play" comes from his advice near the end of the autobiography about playing to the cheap seats in the theater. As Wikipedia notes, the gods is a British “theatrical term, referring to the highest areas of a theatre such as the upper balconies. These are generally the cheapest seats. One reason for naming the cheapest seats ‘the gods’ is because the theatres have beautifully painted ceilings, often mythological themes, so the cheap seats are up near the gods. Another is that those seated in ‘the gods’ look down upon both the performers and the occupants of more expensive seats, like the Olympian Gods looking down from Mount Olympus upon the lives of mortal people.”

    This was one of several songs I've been reworking since our current unpleasantness began in March. I've been taking some of the older songs I recorded on my old tabletop "studio" in my den, and rerecording their parts in my project studio. These updates have included replacing wimpy-sounding synth bass parts recorded in Reason or with the anemic sounding Fender bass synth in Cakewalk's Sonar, and replacing them with my trusty old 1983 Fender P-Bass. Lead guitar parts that were recorded using Roland's VG-88 guitar modeling system were replied with their actual instruments (in this case a 2000 Gibson R9 Historic Les Paul) and run through the Strymon Iridium. On this track, the rhythm guitar parts recorded on the VG-88 and VG-99 were re-amped through the Iridium. Lead vocals that were recorded on a Shure SM58 straight into the audio interface were replaced with a proper tube condenser mic into a tube pre-amp and a pair of compressors. I used Izotope RX8 to clean up fret noise, and Ozone for mastering.
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    Nice one Ed.
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