New rule or I guess a New Years resolution. 100$ minimum to get me to drag either of these out to help.


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Aug 25, 2019
West By God Virginia
So around a year and a half ago or so I bought a pretty decent older one ton dump truck. I really wanted a dump trailer but about the time I was ready to pull the plug steel prices went through the roof and some of you know how that effected trailer prices. I found the dump truck for a fraction of the cost, ideal was to start some side hustle but my main work schedule screws with that in the nice weather months. Don’t get me wrong this truck has made me some money not trying when I’ve had the spare time. But to fully commit isn’t something I can do as of now.

I’ve hauled some sand and rock for the guy up the street, couple jobs I found on FB ect. I’ve used it to help some close friends. I also have a 20 foot 10k trailer with a winch on it.

I’ll give a couple examples of what’s happened the last few months….

One buddy bought a new/different house a while back. After a couple weeks they got settled and had a piles of trash. Moving boxes and bags of crap they went through and a privacy fence they tore out. I get a text, hey bud how much to haul a some trash? I told him dump fees are 50$ a ton plus my fuel. So I fill the truck up (50$) go over and he loads it up to the top with crap and trash bags and the privacy fence. I go to the dump. Dump fee was like 10$. I go back and he said man I’ve got one more load….. ugh ok he piles it up again. He said how much was the dump fee? I said 10$ for the last load. About this time his wife is coming back from McDonald’s with a couple bags of food for the kids ect. He looked at his wife and said hey you got ten bucks cash on ya?

She goes to hand me a 10$ bill and I said well that was just the dump fee not counting gas and y’all are filling it up again. Dude said well we’ve got some mc chicken sammiches in the bag go help yourself. I said ugh I don’t need that. She ended up handing me 40$. I said heck with it and ran to the dump with the second load and didn’t go back and won’t do that again.

Trailer example….

Recently a gal I know, friend of a friend asked my buddy if so and so still had that trailer in his yard and if she could use it. My buddy said well that’s not some random trailer it’s his but what in the world would you tow it with anyway and why?

Her young daughters car broke down about fifteen miles away and she needed it towed. Said buddy texted me and told me what was up and said he gave her my number. I said yea I’ll hook up the trailer and we can go get it 75$. I turned that around in about a hour and when we got back her daughter was there. She said thanks for the help. I said no problem is your mom paying or you…. Huh? I said I told your mom 75$ before I even hooked up the trailer and killed part of my evening. This gal kinda huffed and puffed and then regretfully gave me the money. I said hey id be more than happy to haul it back down and drop it off where i got it, call a tow truck and see what they’d charge.

Maybe I’m a Richard? Maybe some of you will say I need better friends? I have a couple Buddy’s I will help at the drop of a hat as do they and don’t play these games. They’re free to use or borrow what I have and vice versa

I find it funny some people think what’s yours is there’s or think you will just do crap for free. Well I bought these things with my hard earned money, I pay insurance, tags, fuel, maintenance. Don’t like it go find your own dump truck, buy your own trailer and a truck to tow it with ect.

New rule for 95% of anyone anymore, need help 100$ minimum at best to stick my keys in the ignition of the dump truck or hitch up my trailer.

Drops mic….

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You are their friend, they aren’t your friend. Friends don’t treat friends like that.

Happy Enchilada

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Mar 25, 2021
God's Country
I'm a big guy (6'6" 290). When I was younger I had an F-150.
All my friends and my wife's relatives just assumed I was a free moving company.
That's one of the many reasons I traded it on a 2-door Explorer which I drove 16 years.
Now that I'm in my cootage and equipped with a herniated disc and a well-deserved handicapped parking placard, I traded the Explorer for a Chevy Colorado pickup.
These days all I haul is groceries and the occasional load of garden crap for the wife.
The Colorado parks like a car, accelerates like a Z28, has a surprising amount of legroom, and gets 27+ on the highway and 18 around town. And it will probably be my last vehicle.
I can die happy ...


Jun 22, 2010
Two things: first, people who choose to eat at McDonald’s are telegraphing what kind of choices they make. You just have to believe them.

Regarding friends, Ben Franklin nailed it, “Neither a borrower, nor a lender be.” Charlie Daniel’s modernized that in Long Haired Country Boy. “I ain’t asking nobody for nothing, if I can’t get it on my own.”