New pickups for my partscaster Strat


Oct 3, 2015
Germany, somewhere from the countryside
For years I had 2 SD Lil 59 Pickups ( neck and bridge without any middle pu) in my partscaster Strat. I liked the sound, but my taste has somehow changed and so I was looking for something different, more acoustic sounding and clear, and with less output.I have now installed some "Fender Vintera 50s Vintage Strat" - pickups.
First I was making a little experiment.I had often thought about having an Esquire guitar or in general a guitar with a very basic simple setup with just one knob and one pickup.So why not try it with the partscaster.I now can say I did not like the results. I also experimented with "only middle pickup", but compared to neck or bridge sound, that was absolutely not to my taste. The good thing : I now know I don`t need to think anymore of having an Esquire-kind of guitar :)
So I installed both neck and bridge pickup with a toggle switch.I really like the clear and focused sound of this pickups.
I roll back some hights because they sound rather bright.Bridge sounds rather twangy ,neck is not muddy at all and produces a nice "warm and jazzy" tone ( tremolo is blocked ).With moderate overdrive, the sound does not get muddy. In middle position , both pickups together sound almost like a Tele middle position.
I think the guitar will stay in the way it is now.
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