New Old Guitar: 1970 Gibson ES-335


Feb 18, 2021
Southern Jazzville
I know this is an old thread but it caught my attention on a search.

According to a couple of Gibson forum posters, the nickel pickup covers stamped with "Gibson" were placed on the 1970 through 1972 models and the gold pickup covers stamped with "Gibson" were placed on the 1970 through 1973 models. According to one of the Gibson forum posters, the retailers complained about having to stock two different pup covers so they "phased out" the stamped covers beginning in '73 with the nickel covers and '74 for the gold.

I bought my Gibson ES-335 in '78 from the original owner who told me it was a '70 model. It has "Gibson" stamped nickel covers with the volute, trapeze tailpiece, mahogany neck, appropriate SN, etc. It's also the nicest playing guitar I've ever played... and I love the way several of my teles play!

In 1988, I bought my Gibson ES-175 from the widow of the original owner. She told me that she bought it for her late husband and told me it was a '70 model. It has the Gibson stamped nickel covers, and other appropriate findings and SN, too.

Until proven wrong, I'm going with this pickup covers '70 thru '72 information as accurate. I've read a lot of people "assert" things but none have offered any real evidence ("they were only on the '71 models" or "I recall reading that they were only on the '72 models" are frequent assertions). If anyone knows differently and can factually prove that this information is wrong, please let me/forum readers know. Thanks.

EDIT: The guy from Norman's said that they switched to chrome from nickel in 1965.
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