New MIM player tele project


Oct 20, 2022
I recently traded a guitar I wasn't playing for one that I might want to play more. I decided to let go of my Godin archtop partly because I could not get a good electric sound out of it without turning it way up, and acoustically it didn't sound as nice as my actual acoustic guitar. So I basically did an even trade for this lovely limited addition Sienna Sunburst player tele. This is definitely a backup guitar that I want to use for experiments. To start with I just put a mint guard and a new vintage style bridge on it (with compensated saddles). For now I'm thinking of getting one of those newer ObsidianWire harnesses that lets you switch between different configurations and getting a Fralin Pure PAF for the neck and a Blues Special for the bridge. I go back and forth between just doing something like that or getting it as close as possible to Ed Bickert's setup (he apparently left the 250k pots in when he switched to the humbucker), but then I have to nerd out over what the closest humbucker would be or what the closest to a 65 stock single coil would be. Not that I'm in a rush with the pickups (probably won't be able to buy anything until later next year regardless) but it's fun to think about.

Anyway, I attached some before and after shots. You can barely see the mint tint in the after photo, but I think it really completes the look vs. the standard white guard. I also put a set of flat wounds I had sitting around on it just to try. Still need to take the time to adjust pickup height to finish the setup, but so far I really like this guitar. The neck is, luckily, very nice to play (but I might get something with a rosewood board at some point for it, I think it would look better and I prefer the feel slightly) and the stock pickups sound very nice. I will say that this tele has really made me appreciate my US ASAT even more. The MIM is a very good guitar, but the ASAT is a museum piece and very much "my guitar." But this tele has a vibe that I like and I'm glad I have it for now.


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