New-ish to forum - where to post for NY/NY folks wanting to jam?

CX Hunter

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May 12, 2020
Pomona NY
Mis-typed should be NY/NJ - So many different threads. Where’s the appropriate forum thread?

Looking for players down for casual get-together in the NY/NJ area Rockland County/North Jersey.
Been playing a long time and experimented with many styles. Not looking to start a
Band. I am not a wizard on guitar - but when playing with good players I somehow
Manage to do unexpected stuff that takes me by surprise. Have worked with a few very well-known
Musicians over the years. I kind of like everything, exceptions being metal, shredding of any
Kind, hip-hop, techno, prog-rock, Grateful Dead, disco. Love Jazz, but don’t play it.

Into African pop, Tom Petty, Beatles, Bluegrass, Jeff Beck, early Pink Floyd, Los Lobos, Latin Playboys, Lucinda Williams, Celtic rock etc. I’m a respectable acoustic finger picker with a big catalog of early American folkie tunes under my belt.

Looking for players who can improvise and delve into different styles to see what bubbles up. I have a good rehearsal space at my house. A judgement-free zone.
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