New Grote Thinline (ES 335-style)

Discussion in 'Bad Dog Cafe' started by nojazzhere, Jan 20, 2020.

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    Finally I'm able to post about this. A few weeks ago, Fendergyrl posted about her Grote thinline semi-hollow guitar. I was so impressed, I immediately went online to find one. On Amazon, all they had left was a Vintage Sunburst. I quickly ordered it (at a unbelievable price of $159.00) I figured that at that price, if it turned out to be a dog, I could still return it to Amazon. As it turned out, it was incredible. I took it to my guitar tech, (some of you know Mark Cigainaro) and he, too, was impressed. So impressed in fact, that he wanted one, and went online for one, but they were all gone, with no idea when or even if they would be back in stock. He set it did need a full fret dress and level.....but that was all. Even the stock pickups sounded good. I took it home, and re-wired it to my preference.....a master volume/master tone, and moved the p/up selector from next to the bridge to closer to the guitar's edge. I kept checking online for Mark, as he had asked me, if I found one, to get it for him. Sure enough, a red one popped up, as a "Last One Available". I snapped it up, half expecting Amazon to cancel it. It came in, and was BEAUTIFUL! I took it to Mark, and told him I preferred the red one, and if he could set it up as well as the sunburst, he could have the sunburst. (HIS preference) He did so, and it plays GREAT! I was happy with it, so I sold it to Mark for what I paid. ($173 including tax)
    I took home "Red", and re-wired it like the sunburst. In the pics, you can see where I moved the toggle switch. The knob closest to bridge is master volume, next to it is master tone. The other two knobs are simply "fillers".....they don't do anything, although the pots are still there if it was ever decided to revert back. Here are some pics. Ever since I was twelve or thirteen (early '60's) I've wanted a red ES 335, and this is the only way I can justify having one. (I'm just CHEAP!) It sounds good, it feels solid, and it has an amazing neck.....about 1 11/16" wide at nut, about .80" deep.....I'd rather have fatter, but it's not too bad. THANKS Fendergyrl.....I owe you one! ;) red grote 168.JPG red grote 169.JPG red grote 171.JPG red grote 170.JPG
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    Great story, very cool!
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