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  1. brogh

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    Jun 26, 2010
    Hello all,

    We are about to get started to bring in some news over TDPRI, two of which are two new subsections

    The Songwriter and The Starter Section

    we thought that the right way to get the names for it would be to make the name request games we do sometimes here so that it'd be fun for everybody, and that we come out with some cool names.

    Aim of these new section is to get the songwriters a nice little spot where they can discuss songs and writing stuff, the feel for a separate section for it was asked for over the board some times, we thought it would be a great little update that everyone will like

    The starter forum, is intend for telecaster/guitar/pedal starters so to concentrare these kinds of requests into a proper dedicated section, it will in time also serve as a library to use as a reference

    I?ll be posting the two threads about it in the Bad dog cafe, be sure to come in numerous and choose an appropriate name in plain TDPRI style ;)

    There will be things coming all the year, as we will implement them we'll be informing all of you about it, ( some require more time than others) be sure to check out the admins announcements from time to time.

    Have fun !
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Thread Status:
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