New...and rare... acquisition through a bizarre swap!

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Mar 2, 2003
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This wasn't even MY proposed deal - one if my dearest friends (for 50 years) and a guitar player who could cut heads of virtually any rock, country rock, blues or prog rock player (who is content having a huge family and leading a local cover band on weekends in a city NOT exactly known as "guitarist central") bought a TV Jones-built Stringbender Tele from me about 15 years ago - and sold it BACK when he wasn't using it.

Now he wanted it back, and knew the PW Stringbender had to be 90% rebuilt by Dave Evans into a unique, one off Pull String. with a couple PW parts, and I'd replaced the rare/discontinued Velvet Hammer pickup set with "Q Pickups" made as close as possible to the same specs.

Anyway - my buddy called me and asked if he could get it back...but didn't have cash; so how about his sunburst Tele - with some changed parts, but all except the pickguard in the case, and an (undisclosed) amount of cash.

I said no. I said he was OUT OF HIS FRIGGIN' MIND! It wasn't FAIR - the Jones/Parsons/Evans/Q pickups Tele and a little cash for his '65 sunburst...with a MAPLE CAP neck...AND factory wide frets...AND a very late spaghetti logo...AND in excellent condition? o_O:eek:

So he said he knew what it was worth - it it was irrelevant. He knew I'd drooled over it since about '71 (he got it from the original owner, where it was used only in an instruction studio, in '70...and my buddy only played it for a few years and it went in a closet - he switched to a Gretsch Nashville, then a Strat....), that I'd play it and never sell it - so it didn't matter.

And to convince me he raised the amount of cash I'd send by a tiny bit.:oops:

And I folded (I could only afford even the cheap amount because I'd sold 3 inexpensive guitars the week before - permanent disability income doesn't make for buying sprees!!). But ONLY if I could ship the Jones to him FIRST, he played it with his band, THEN decided and he could use my box to send one or the other back...and if he didn't like it, I'd send back the payment (which I'd sent right away).

I ship the "Pull Stringbender", he gets it, loves it, send the '65 to me via 2-day express. I don't even set it up (OLD strings on it), plug it in - and I melt into a puddle of human DNA on the carpet.🥴 An absolute BEAST. So I reinstall the original pickups (he had Antiquities in it) set it up, dress the frets - low but bend fine - and it's exponentially BETTER. Holy💩!

It does have a notch in the back of the bridge from a short experiment with a Hipshot, but other than that and the black 1970 pickguard he'd had on it NOTHING was messed with. Even the original nut. An black tolex case with the (now) required tape around the handle!😂

...and now I gotta hope I can find a used Hipshot somewhere cheap!

(the original tophat switch tip fell off just before I took this pic - but it's shown below.
full front.jpg
full backjpg.jpg
body top.JPG
body back.jpg
headstock front.jpg
headstock back2.jpg
Nov 3 1965 neck date.jpeg


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Dec 7, 2009
Pretty clean, considering.
How fortunate to have the original pups!
And to have a pal like that.
Win, Win!
Peace - Deeve


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Sep 26, 2003
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Did you happen to take a pic of the neck pocket? If so, could you post it?

Also, are the pot date codes readable? (And are they 250K or 1M?) I ask because I'd expect a NOV stamped neck to be shaped and installed on a guitar early in the following year.

Btw, the saddles should be threaded. ;)


Dec 25, 2015
Certainly not doubting the authenticity of the Fender F backplate, however believe the body may be a replacement or a respray of questionable artisanship in the depth of the red over the yellow, then black over the red ....etc....

Both the rear and front faces of the body do not appear to be consistent with Fender style or application finishes of the period, however I acknowledge it is not so evident on the front face of the body

This is a 70 paint job which I believe is Nitro-cellulose ..the 3 colours below are gently and uniformly transitioned



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