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    7780F0FA-A339-4817-A2EA-838A104BA27A.jpeg The internet is a horribly deep pool of false information.

    I come here for tele truth.

    my friend and I are going to attempt to build a telecaster together from scratch.

    Im thinking esquire style like billy gibbons, roughly.

    What’s the best sources of blueprints, specs for tele builds?
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    Is this a trick question?

    It’s HERE of course

    Now...where they are here I have no clue
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    If you come over to the DIY subforum there are a set of plans drawn by TDowns that are pretty much felt to be good quality. From there you will have to modify it to become an esquire. There seems to be a bunch of guitars under the "billy gibbons esquire" search - you can decide which of these you want to emulate.

    Your choice of bridge, pickup, electronics, etc will affect the TDowns plans - you will need to change the route accordingly. There probably is a set of esquire plans out there, I've never built one, but folks at the DIY forum will know.

    The hardest part of a scratch tele build is the neck, again I don't know what Gibbons used so I can't really recommend.

    One thing I will recommend is getting Melvyn Hiscock's book on building electric guitars. Melvyn recently passed away but had just introduced a new edition. There have been thousands of guitars built from his previous one, however if you can't find the new one. He doe a whole chapter on building a tele as well as all about geometry, tools, wood, electronics, finish, SHOP SAFETY, and everything else you need to know.

    Good luck, have fun.

    Here are the plans. Take the pdf to Kinkos or an engineer with a large format printer. Get several prints make so you can cut and mark on them.
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    You can feel confident using the Terry Downs drawing.

    It's been proven to be accurate and correct.

    My master template is made from a full-size copy, and to put it simply - it works :).

    edit: A suggestion :)

    As Freeman mentioned, get at least two copies made, and have them made on the same type of paper they use to make black and white copies of blueprints.

    I forget what size it's correctly called (24" X 36" iirc), but it's a heavier grade of paper and durable.

    You can adhere one copy directly to your template material and then after cutting and sanding carefully to the lines, give it a coat or two of poly-urethane or something similar to seal it up.

    It makes for a great template and all of your important centerlines and reference points are already clearly marked.

    The second copy hangs on the wall in shop where it's always available for reference :).

    Have fun with your project, and there is a ton of info over in the DIY part of the forum.


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