Need some advice about a possible Gretsch NGD...


Jan 23, 2018
North Of Atlanta, South of Disorder
I can't offer any advice on model selection, but I have loved Gretsch guitars for years. I'm a huge Chet fan, so that's certainly a part of it. Back in the mid 60's, there was a jewelry/music store in the small town I live in that was a Gretsch dealer.
Like many Southern families, we'd "go to town" on Saturdays, I loved to stand at the display window of the store and just look at those Gretsches, beautiful colors, more chrome than a new Buick, knobs and switches that I had no idea of the function. My mother had to drag me away from that window more than once.
The luthier that does my heavy lifting for guitar repair has a 1967 Gretsch 6123 Monkees Rock and Roll model in for repair. Needs more work than its restored value would be. All binding needs to be replaced, neck needs reset, etc. but what a cool guitar!