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    I bought a Matney B Bender guitar and it arrived yesterday. I have about an hour of playing time on it so far and I'm quite impressed. It has a really solid feel. I think you can usually pick up a guitar and have a good/bad impression in the first few notes and this guitar just felt good from the very first note. It has all kinds of sweet tele spank on the bridge pickup, and a nice strat vibe on the neck pickup. The B Bender feels really nice, although I don't have any idea what I'm doing yet, I've never had one before. I love the fit and finish. It doesn't look brand new, but it's not really a relic either. It just looks and feels like a well loved, well played guitar.

    Darrin, who makes these, is a really nice guy, easy to deal with. If you've been looking for a B Bender, look no further. Frankly, this would be a great guitar even if it didn't have a B Bender.

    01-245094800_902162857082609_199826915789455344_n.jpg 02-245276137_407063297651812_9046444377048985282_n.jpg 245141024_549753246414736_2964924320352756673_n.jpg 245168561_359222148929329_1490646537139817665_n.jpg 245190020_627759965275975_654185412356315699_n.jpg 245199293_407402137669487_7815542824831973847_n.jpg
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    Nice! I’m a bit jelly. Enjoy.
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