May 24, 2014
Bethesda, Maryland
Hey all,

I waited a week to post this, just so I had the time to get to know it.

While waiting for my Ceriatone lunchbox to arrive (a couple weeks more, estimated), I was looking at inexpensive solid state amps for the living room, to play along with the TV or YouTube backing tracks - nothing fancy at all. I stumbled upon what I think was a decent deal - a Boss Nextone Stage (40W) floor demo for $375. It looked brand new out of the box, and worked OK (ie, turned on, produced a sound etc). After updating the firmware to 3.0, and setting the low output setting to 0.2W, I've played with it over the past few days.

I must say I'm very pleased, almost actually impressed. Both the clean and OD channels are very, very usable in this context, the 0.2W setting is perfect, and the reverb and delay are actually not bad at all. The different tubes types do sound a little different from each other, although I can't tell if they're authentic - you'd really have to do a good A/B test for that. But it really doesn't matter, because you have four mildly different tones/types of feel, so I say it's good enough for me.

The Ceriatone is going to be hooked up to my 4CM recording setup with the Fractal FM3 (via a Suhr reactive load), so it won't be a grab and go situation from one room to the next, for sure. That, of course, will be a different story, and a different review - but the Boss....I like!!


Tim S

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Oct 27, 2008
Upstate NY
HNAW! While I don’t have a Boss, I do have a Roland (BCA), so I’m not surprised by your satisfaction. They know how to make a SS amp that even tube snobs have a hard time turning their nose up to. 😛

Which Ceriatone lunchbox are you getting? OTS 20? Son of Yeti? (I’ve thought about getting each of those at different times). Something else?