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    It seems like in the Tele world things are simply, we have the Terry Down's diagram as "the" standard. What is the equivalent in the JM world? So far I've found several different resources:
    • There's an entire zip file on Electric Herald, with a few different body/routing diagrams
    • There's the diagram labelled as "jzm0001" (I have Rev C)
    • There's the diagram authored by "Mark Lovelace"
    Not sure where to start...

    I know that there's a long thread here, but not sure how it ties into the above resources:
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    Here's how I'd approach this or any guitar.

    If it were me, I'd procure the materials and hardware items before I embarked on routing a body. You will find that probably the drawings are similar but still have variations, as they are someone's personal handiwork. After that it would be a matter of getting your parts to fit and you can make adjustments as necessary.

    If I were doing this, I'd be using something like this as to what to buy and then reverse engineering it.

    1965 Fender JAZZMASTER rare custom color ICE BLUE METALLIC | Olivia's Vintage | Reverb

    I'd look at this:

    Allparts Jazzmaster/Jaguar Bridge Chrome Free Shipping | Trip City Gear | Reverb

    Then it's on to the neck and picking the scale length of your choice and making it before you make the body.

    The body bridge location ( and Pickguard) would be dependent on the scale you decide on.

    I'd take a look at what this site has to offer first as it is chock full of stuff and this looks pretty nice as compared to some which look like they are drawn with a sharpie :

    Stencils and drawings -


    jazz jpeg.jpg
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    I use this one.

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