Nashville (sort-of) wiring, again.

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    I picked up a Vintage Modified SSH Squier.

    Sorry for repeating the specs, this is probably well known to many here:

    It comes with two stacked in bridge and middle and a mini humbucker at the neck, all Duncan Designed, 4 leads each.

    It also comes with a 5 way, with just standard Strat selections.

    The bridge is North up and the middle is South up... So the service diagram is correct showing red and green tied off for the bridge and red and white tied off for the middle. RW/RP making them in phase.

    Humbucker has red/white tied off, North closest to the neck.

    I'd like to install a push/pull to give me the 7 way mod, but I don't need the separate volume control (Brent Mason) for the middle pick-up. Full volume on the middle pickup is fine, so just two knobs with one being dpdt.

    920D sells a similar loaded pickguard (stack/stack/mh) with a two knob control plate, and the pickup hot goes from the dpdt to the selector.... But where? Their wiring diagram seems wonky.

    Where would the pickups' hot wires go on the selector?

    All help is greatly appreciated.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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