Nashville Deluxe series/parallel wiring with different brand pickups

Discussion in 'Tele-Technical' started by Vdbroebr, Oct 1, 2020.

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    Apr 3, 2020

    I bought a nashville deluxe power tele, but I want to change the stock TexMex pickups and change the wiring to fit my needs.
    Because I often play higain and distortion, the pickups squeeled like a pig so they need to be changed with a set that is wax potted or noiseless.
    The nashville deluxe tele needs to sound more like a tele (bridge + neck in parallel), but should also be able to kick like a mule (humbucker sound).
    I prefer not to add extra switches or push-pulls, because I don't want to further complicate this guitar.

    Wiring should be something like this (no switches!!!):
    1. bridge
    2. bridge + middle in series (humbucker mode)
    3. bridge + neck in parallel (classic tele mode)
    4. either middle alone or something out of phase, depending on what is possible (surplus mode)
    5. neck

    I really really like the Lollar set Special T bridge + vintage T neck.
    The middle PU is somewhat of a problem.
    I like the Seymour Duncan Hot Stack STK 2N, because it sounds different and hot.

    Here are my questions:
    - It seems there is no option to choose between a middle or neck pickup on the Seymour Duncan shop. Why is that?
    - Does the Hot Stack middle pickup have the right polarity for the Lollar set (Bridge RWRP / Middle non-RWRP / Neck non-RWRP)?
    - Is it possible to wire the lollar special in series with the SD Hot Stack? Or does the hot stack need to be split or whatever? I need to have a megalithic humbucker sound with this one!
    - Is it an option to wire the middle and neck pickup out of phase or will the sound difference be negligible?

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    You're going to need a 5-way Superswitch at the least. The stock 5-way is just a 3-way with a couple extra detents. The 4-way does more than the 5-way!

    The rest of your questions would best be asked on Duncan's site IMO.
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