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    Apr 5, 2007
    near Munich, Germany
    Hi folks,

    since a few days I got my new Dual Terror, a full tube amp driven by 4 EL84s. I fell in love with Orange amps a while back and was looking for an amp for my needs. I'm playing classic rock from Beatles, Stones to ZZ Top and Deep Purple, so I wanted classic crunch and rock tones and the possibility to clean up with guitars volume knob. This brought me to the comparison of the OR15 and the DT. Both amps are in the same price range and handle enough power for rehearsal and gigging.

    What I found out is that the OR15 is a very Marshall like amp with the bite in the upper mids while the DT is more focused in the lower mids which I like more. Also the DT has its two channels. I don't need a fx-loop necessary because I run all my pedals in front of the amp. Also my delay works fine but I only use it for some cleaner stuff or as a light blow-up for solos.

    I mostly use singlecoil guitars (strats, teles or p90), the only humbucker I got is in the bridge position of my strat. The DT works fine with all these guitars. Volume and gain at 1 pm gives me that great orange heavy crunch sound, rolling back the volume knob on the guitar cleans up nicely to a hairy clean sound and pushing with either the TC Spark booster or the Hotone Blues Overdrive pedal gives me the distorted sound full of mids. All these sounds I realize with the Tiny Terror channel. So I dialed in the Fat channel with slightly more gain and volume as my solo channel and can use all the guitar and pedal settings on both channels as rhythm (TT channel) or solo (Fat channel) sound.

    The power reduction (30, 15 or 7 watts with either four or two tubes running) works very well although you cannot go for bedroom levels with the 7 watt option (with the full sound mixed by pre and power amp distortion). But I don't need it because I can crank up my amps also at home for a higher level like with volume and gain on 1 pm in the 7 watts mode.

    Within the next week I get a used 2x12 cab from Tube Town (well known German company for cab building) which has the measures of the Orange PPC212CB but with a flex back so you can use it closed or open back. I'm thinking of the Celestion V-Type speakers for this cab and will report when I played it a little while.

    All together I'm very happy with the DT and it's the perfect match for my more Fender-like Ibanez TSA15 head (which is also a very good solution if you're looking for a great Princeton or Deluxe Reverb sound).

    Here's a pic of a British and American pair of amps (although both are Made in PRC [​IMG] ):


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    Mar 11, 2015
    Congrats Nice amp!
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