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    I've gotten the itch to deal some gear of late, but I didn't want to spend any money. Looking around at what I had to swap for...something..., all I had was a Dean Colt Hybrid semi-hollow that wasn't seeing any play time at all. So I went looking on CL for something to trade for.

    I'd seen the listing for the amp a number of times over the past couple of years, and always toyed with the idea of trading for it. So yesterday I emailed the guy offering the Dean in exchange for the amp. So happens the guy is a jazz player looking for a thinline semi-hollow, so we met up and did the deal.


    The amp in question is an Atomic Reactor combo, 18 watts (tube amp), with a Line 6 Pod v.1 and longboard. I've owned the 50 watt Atomic combo for a few years and I really like it, and always wondered about the 18 watt version for smaller clubs.

    Once I got it home, I was going to take it into the house try it out, but my wife said 'It's a nice day, why not set it up on the deck and crank it?' (My wife, smart woman.) So I did.

    What a fun rig. Very bare-bones for a modeling setup, mostly due to the limitations of the early Line 6 stuff. I set up a bank of tones using the Marshall model, each with a higher level of gain. The floorboard can switch into 'effects' mode, with foot switches for distortion, boost, EQ, chorus, delay and reverb. The pedals are for volume and wah. It's got nowhere near the programming capability of my regular rig, but I can definitely see gigging with this setup. In fact, I've been playing in the house band for an open jam on Monday nights and this thing is going to the gig tomorrow night. I've got a little cosmetic work to do on it, but it sounds really good.

    Also - this 18 watt amp is pretty doggone loud! And I forgot how good those early Line 6 models sounded. Gig should be fun tomorrow.

    - D
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