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Discussion in 'Amp Central Station' started by Pasta Player, Oct 31, 2020.

  1. Pasta Player

    Pasta Player Tele-Meister

    Feb 5, 2019
    Middle America
    Au contraire, mon ami. (Well maybe if you’re playing a bass through it?) Seems that my strat, tele and an ASAT Classic here absolutely love it!
    (Haven’t tried humbuckers or a bass through it yet.)

    This MOOSE II is an absolute beast… with merely a simple reverb or echo pedal added. Bedroom amp / “noodler” (next to the coffee table).
    Or “Down on the corner, out in the street…”.

    Face A!.png

    The “least portable” of all the early portables (30 pounds with batteries) - the Moose II was possibly the last offering in Lectrosonics’ evolution of the solid state, battery powered portable amps before they stopped producing amps altogether. The Mouse, the Maxi-Mouse, the Moose and the Moose II all used a very similar circuit board with just a few “added bits” along the way. Think that the Mouse was rated @ 7 Watts and the Maxi-Mouse @ 9 Watts. Can’t find specs anywhere for the Moose or Moose II. (Maxi-Mouse board on top here below.) Note additional Ti opamp on the Moose board. (Click on smaller images to view.)



    I don’t have a Mini-Mouse or a Moose 1 but I’m very pleased with this near 100% perfect example of the Moose II.
    (That’s a Maxi-Mouse covered in carbon fiber below. I stole its’ batteries for the Moose.)


    Unable to snag a Moose… this Moose II came to me from Albuquerque New Mexico (they were made in Albuquerque) and it’s a bit larger than the original Moose, from what I can glean from the picture below. THANK YOU Miles! (The Moose was “tuned to lower octaves for bass instruments”.) I assume that they boosted the output, added another input, made it larger and changed it from horizontal to vertical. The Moose 1 looks more like a Mouse or a Maxi-Mouse.


    So now, guess I’m just about finished collecting the early, solid state portables… unless someone has a PAiA Gemini, a Mini-Mouse or a Moose 1? And maybe now… finally, I can get around to refinishing and resurrecting the two Petros 1 amps that have been patiently awaiting their turn here. Is there a bass in my future? I keep hearing that bass line from Jethro Tull’s “Teacher” in my head.:twisted:
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