NAD - Hopping off the carousel and focusing on playing

Discussion in 'Amp Central Station' started by tidalcast, Oct 18, 2019.

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    That’s true. I also happen to think this amp is pretty great, and have no regrets in owning it.
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    I think I’ve got my GAS under control. My 2 main guitars are a Classic Vibe Custom and a MIM La Cabronita. Amp wise I’m using Super Champ XD and. Roland Cube 40 GX. I’ve a couple of cheap SS Fenders that I should probably unload but hang onto for sentimental resones.
    After my surgery I had no desire to play, 6 months later I find myself playing with both Amps as well as my other Fenders. Not chasing tone, but seeing what I like to play. The old Princeton Chourus gets its fair share of playing time with just a hint of the chourus. Both Teles give me what I want, I just need to play more, for endurance and clarity. I’m only lasting maybe a 1/2 hr but enjoying it more.
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