NAD: Boss Katana Artist MK2


Dec 8, 2019
Moscow, TN
So I have previously owned the Katana 50,100 and head all in the MK1. After upgrading my Mac to Big Sur, my access to the tone studio ended. I didn’t really use it much anyways but still, I didn’t like having something like that totally inaccessible.

After picking up a Blues Jr, I moved on from all of them. Leaving the Blues Jr as my only amp.

Fast forward to now and I’m just tired of carrying an amp and pedal board back and forth to church every Sunday so I decided to get an MK2 to leave at home and leave the Jr at church along with a couple of pedals.

Guitar center just so happened to have a lightly used Artist MK2 and having never played one, I drove up to check it out. Let me tell you what, the combination of the larger cab and/or the Waza speaker makes this bad boy sing. I’m not into metal but this bad boy will CHUG.
I’ve also spent some time actually getting to know Tone Studio and am finding it’s usefulness. You do have to really resist the knob twiddling and make it your goal to a couple of decent sounds and options programmed and leave it at that.

The amp coupled with the GA-FC switch and some expression pedals really are a game changer for a somewhat easy to handle rig and while I’m not abandoning effects pedals and tubes, it’s really a great option to have an all in one rig like this.


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Happy Enchilada

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Mar 25, 2021
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I played lead in a worship team in a big-box church for a decade or so. My rig at the time was a POD XT into the clean channel of a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. It never failed me, although dragging the big tube amp around got old fast.

If I had it to do over today, I'd still use the POD because it offers such a vast array of amps, cabs, and effects (and it can be run direct into the PA, which I'm surprised we never did in all those years). But I'd either run a line out to the board and just have the POD and my axe to schlep, or I'd run the POD into something like my Aviator Cub which has a separate volume switch for the "speaker" and "line," allowing me to use the amp as a monitor.

Good Luck!