NAD : 60's british flavor ...


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Apr 30, 2022
Aix-en-Provence, France

It is not a real NAD because I own this amp since several weeks but, even if it is not the most versatile, it is the one I like to play the most : it sounds soooo emotional !
It is my amp of choice when I want to play for the pleasure. Jazz, blue, surf, classic rock and rockabilly sounds perfectly with it.
Playing with volumes & master, it is bedroom level compatible.

I speak about a "classical" VOX AC15C1, made in China but very well make.
I choose the version with the Celestion Greenback instead of the Celestion Alinco Blue for 2 reasons : at first, I found Greenback much more to my taste with my Telecasters and, second, it is less expensive.
What a surprise : I receive the amp already equipped with JJ tubes/valves ! A great bonus.

I found this amp very easy to play : within a few second I can set the sound I got in my head... and play it.
Controls are not as usual compared to a Marshall for example (some will said that controls are with a british logic...) but, when you understand how it works, it become so easy...

I think this AC15C1 will be a keeper, it will remain at home for a long time. I love it !


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