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May 1, 2018
Tewa Land NM
Mentioned in another thread or twain that my three year old Katana 100 (MkI) died last week. I suspect I was just unlucky or maybe late MkI builds are suspect; it was the first Boss/Roland anything I've had that's had issues, but what can you do.

I trust my local shop and took it in after I ruled out the basics; after guessing it was the PS transformer, they came back and told me it actually needed the mainboard replacement at $310. Since a new MkII is about +$50 to that, naturally I decided the smartest course of action was spending about three times that and get what I've wanted for a long time, the Revv D20.

$1300 usd is more than double what my two main axes cost combined, and more by a clip than I've ever spent on a piece of gear (my Jaguar was $1050). Hoping this is the last amp I ever buy.

Since I was using only onboard effects/EQ with the Boss, figured I'd need an EQ and comp at a minimum, so I doubled my pedal footprint and also picked up a Boss GE-7 and a Keeley.

Gotta say, extremely happy in the early going. Unlocked the Two Notes software earlier and was impressed to find so many IR/cab choices out of the box. Fun swag in the physical box, lovely packaging and a nice transport bag for the amp, not pictured. I think the G20 adds more gain and channel switching, but I wasn't really interested in either of those, playing 99% clean. The crunch on this is really nice though both in the standard config and with gain boost. It's going line out to my IO, same as the Boss.
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