My setup: THR10C, JamUp, etc.

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  1. OwlPants

    OwlPants TDPRI Member

    Sep 29, 2014
    Just wanted to share my new found digital setup in case my experience is useful to anyone and/or start a conversation with others who are running something similar.

    I've been noodling on guitar for 10+ years and never could play much of anything. Decided to get back into it last year.

    Sold all my gear a few years back so I picked up a MIM Telecaster and a Yamaha THR10C back in fall.

    Yamaha THR10C
    The THR10C is a great little box for which I do not have many complaints. Only a handful come to mind:

    1. Rattle. It gets a little rattly with the volume more than halfway up, bass notes make it buzz a bit more than I'd like. Tiny speakers. Good for quiet practice, less good when I'm home alone.
    2. USB. It's not class compliant so I can't use it an interface for my iPad whereas the Fender Mustang is.
    3. Price. If size is no concern, I feel the Mustang II or III is a better value.

    Recently got the craving to add some additional effects to my arsenal without investing in hundreds of dollars of pedals I don't really need, especially since I don't really know what I want yet. The guitar never leaves my den so being tethered to my Mac or iPad is not an issue.

    Mac Options
    Explored Amplitube 3 and Guitar Rig 5 for Mac. Amplitube sounded better and Guitar Rig had the better interface. I actually can't stand using Amplitube; it feels so cluttered and 'spammy', for lack of a better word. From their website right down to their software, they could use a UI designer or seven.

    iPad Options
    Reasearch led me to iPad options: I have an iPad that doesn't see much use as I never quite found the sweet spot for it alongside an iPhone, Kindle, and MacBook.

    Discovered JamUp XT and took it for a test drive and was very impressed! They also have a sale right now (ends Jan. 15) so I purchased the 'All Access' pack for $50.

    Overall I'm pretty happy with this tool.
    • Very well designed and easy to use.
    • Models and effects sound fine to my inexperienced ear.
    • Sound quality is great.
    • Latency is low.
    • Sharing and finding presets is built-in; great set of community contributed sounds.

    I also grabbed BIAS. Looks and sounds amazing but I will fully admit that it is overkill for my needs. I didn't purchase any of the add-on packs because I don't see myself using this much.

    Current Setup
    As of right now my, my chain is as follows:

    Telecaster > Rocksmith Cable > Camera Connection Kit > iPad Air > Headphone Out > Aux In on THR10C

    My only complaint is headphone volume. If I skip the THR10C and plug my Sony MDR-V6's right into the iPad, it's not loud enough for me. Headphones into the THR10C is better but can still be a bit too quiet on clean channels.

    If I could do it again?
    Honestly, I would probably skip the THR10C entirely and pickup a used Mustang II or III, JamUp XT, and a proper interface like the Apogee Jam 96k. In fact, since the Mustang is USB Class Compliant, I very well could skip the Apogee altogether and run the amp right into the iPad.

    Don't get me wrong, the THR10C is an excellent modeler but it is also quite expensive. The 12" speaker in the Mustang makes it a tad more versatile if you're not starved for space.

    There's a used Mustang II v1 in my area right now for $120 CAD and I'm very tempted.
  2. Obsessed

    Obsessed Telefied Ad Free Member

    Nov 21, 2012
    Hey thanks for that post. I have been eyeing the THR10s for awhile and played one for a few hours in a listening room and was really impressed. What I like is the portability (I live off the grid), but you bring up some really good points that I have not thought of. Very surprised about the headphone issue. Good to know.
  3. OwlPants

    OwlPants TDPRI Member

    Sep 29, 2014
    Glad to help! Headphones into the THR10C isn't bad but could be a little louder on the cleanest channels. I've only tested my Sony's, nothing else.
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