My original Hermida Zendrive 2 od is,,,

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    Nov 16, 2018
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    I wanted to pass this by all you friends before it goes on ebay or reverb.

    This is the original Hermida Zendrive 2. It's voiced much like the Zendrive but the 2 has a 12ax7 that warms and fattens the Zen tone. This pedal gave me great SRV Texas Flood tone, it sounds like a screaming Vibroverb with my 68 Deluxe. It is also capable of getting Robben's Cannonball Shuffle tone and his Revelation tone + more, which means you could dial in Talk To Your Daughter tone. Awesome.

    This pedal needs to be with a blues lover. I am happy with my Katana, it really fits my simple needs. I don't want those heavy Fender amps that hurt my back and siatica nerve, worst pain l've ever had, worse than kidney stones, well, different, right up there.

    Plus I need the money for an acoustic guitar to replace the one that was stolen from me.

    Jack Zucker getting Robben's Cannonball Shuffle like tone and more, Clapton?

    Pm me,
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