My last set of D'Aquisto TR's

Discussion in 'Acoustic Heaven' started by Tommy B, May 4, 2014.

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    My last set of D'Aquisto Tony Rice strings were put on my HD28 a year ago next week. They still sound good. I prefer the tone of old strings but I think I'm hanging on longer than usual since they are my last set (I had no idea they would stop making these when I bought two cases a few years ago or I would have bought ten cases)

    So Martin has the TR Monels . D' Addario has J22's and John Pearse has Nickel wounds now too.

    I never liked any other strings on this box and I've tried bronze, phosphor bronze, vintage this, coated that, flat wounds, silkies, and only nickels sound right to me.

    So I'm only looking for thoughts on acoustic nickel alloy sets. Give me the good and the bad. Thanks!
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    I have tried the John Pearse strings and like them.

    I would not have a problem recommending them to you.

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