My first Squier ... a real surprise

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Jun 27, 2005
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Somehow, after decades of guitar sampling, I'd never owned a Squier. Then last week I was offered a Classic Vibe tele in trade for an Ibanez semi hollow. I'd heard good things, was curious about WR pickups. So a good trade. Here's the Squier in my crowded music room:

CV tele.jpg

Didn't take long to realize the good word on these teles is justified. It's an excellent - in fact, amazing - bargain. The surprise was two-part. First, I figured the p/us would be the let down. Not so. These p/us are growing on me. The neck p/u is the star. The bridge, not as much. That may be an advantage, as the middle position is the standout here. Especially as volume goes up, with edge of breakup coming.

The other surprise: I always try new-to-me guitars with open tunings and slide. Few are suitable, for one reason or other. This one is more than suitable. Might be the best slide guitar yet for me. The other greats: A '94 ASAT Classic I never should have sold, and a beat up old Guild S90. Huge sound from these guitars, but there were playability compromises.

With this white Squier, it's ideal everything. Especially in the middle p/u position, the sound is huge, warm and twangy. And it plays so easy ... I am lucky to have it!
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Mar 29, 2007
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This is my new Squier CV '60's Tele Thinline,
(in December, I sold a nice, but heavy 2004 Tele I just wasn't playing anymore, to get this )

It is really comfy, sounds very good- 3 useable pickup sounds. I can certainly play all the music I might do with this one.

Always loved the look of the stained mahogany body & pickguard of this variation.
Fun, right out of the box!


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Jun 25, 2022
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Oops. Empty frontal lobe moment here. Right you are.
Actually, you're both wrong. It's the Classic Vibe 70's Telecaster Deluxe. ;)

I used to have the Vintage Modified version. LOVED the pickups. Loved the tummy cut. Wish it had a forearm contour. But it is a Tele.

You'll find that most Squiers up and down the line are quality instruments these days. Congrats on a keeper that doesn't need "upgrading."

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