My first big boy Tele; AO 60s Lake Placid Blue


Jan 15, 2008
Crab Country!
Ugh, its been a whirlwind these last few months with gear hunting; trying to rebuild a collection to replace things I never should have sold to get married long long time ago…

Well today a gorgeous, slightly used American Original 60s Tele in Lake Placid blue came home with me.. Was chatting to the seller for sometime now who has quite the collection of beautiful gear who is looking to down size and finally came to a mutually beneficial selling price.

Got got her home and promptly plugged it in to the Champ 600. The sound was there, but it was not setup for my taste one bit.. So, tilted the neck, gave her a quarter turn to straighten her out.. Tighten it up, tuned it, raised the D/G & B/E saddle a hair and we are in business.. Surprisingly intonation was easy on the D/G, B/E, but the E/A is a tug of war of who wants its more :) (Ill deal with that another day..

Plugged her back in, and all I can say is, this is what I hear, when I hear a famous Tele player through a Fender amp sounding like.. Its crazy how different it is to my 06 Highway One Tele. Honestly, my H1 doesnt even sound like a Tele back to back with the AO.

Anyway, Im happy its in my collection now and I will cherish her for a long time.. Tomorrow, Ill check the neck again, and once its acclimated Ill polish the frets, oil the board, and take a look under the hood..

TDPRI’ers meet “Pinky”


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