My favorite version of the Fulltone OCD


Mar 19, 2011
South Florida
I really like them but nothing after v1.7. Years ago I almost bought a v1.3 from a friend after it was not his cup of tea. I gave it back to him so apparently at that time it wasn’t my cup too. Too much bass if I remember correctly. If I had bought it it would of been my first OCD. Fast forward about three years later when I bought a new v1.4 and immediately fell in love with it for its low gain settings through a BF Fender. Think SRV. That version won me over.

Today I own six OCD’s. Bought some of them when it was in vogue to boycott Fuller. Personally I have no bone to pick with him and I never mix politics with gear anyways. So admittedly I was a bottom feeder. I have two v1.4’s, one v1.6 and three v1.7’s. All in excellent - mint condition. I have the v1.6 on my small board and a v1.7 on the bigger board. I keep one of the v1.4’s loose and plug it in frequently when I don’t wanna drag the boards out.

As far as the differences go, they all sound basically the same but behave differently. However v1.4 is brighter with more of a high presence tone no matter how you set it. Most likely the effects of the germanium diode in play there.

For me I prefer the v1.4 for low gain stuff, the v1.6 as a boost (gain off) and the v1.7, which has the tightest overdrive at higher gain settings, I use for crunch. But at the end of the day they all sound great.

Also v1.6 and some early v1.7’s have v1.4 marked boards. The way to tell them from a v1.4 is the volume on the dial. V1.4 will be at unity around 12:00 o’clock and v1.6 and v1.7 at around 9:00 o’clock. Plus that high presence tone I mentioned earlier with v1.4 is telltale. To distinguish a v1.6 from a v1.7 is trickier. Serial numbers and a really good ear are your friends. Less high end treble (smoother) with the v1.6.

The various versions, even though confusing at times, gives them, at least in my opinion, an interesting lineage. Personally I think they are the next early 80’s TS-9/808. Definitely a classic. I see prices climbing now with the v1.4’s as the earlier versions are already demanding $300 to $600+. V1.7, IMO, is a sleeper. I’m not planning on letting any of mine go any time soon.


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Apr 4, 2009
Western Canada
I owned a 1.2... this was about 10 years back.
I never did like. I'm not saying it wasn't good, it just wasn't for me.

Fortunately at the time, the 1.4 was the current model and the 1.2 was being coveted on eBay for whatever impractical reason eBayers were trying to justify at the time. I sold mine for well over double the price of a new 1.4 model plus shipping from Canada.

For that reason, the 1.2 is my favorite version of the OCD :lol:
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Apr 26, 2020
North Carolina
Would someone mind answering an inquiry from someone (me) who is of the OCD-ignorant?

Why so many versions? What are they chasing?


I owned 3 OCDs over a few years, all different versions. I used to know which versions they were, but have forgotten... I kept buying them based on reputation & reviews, and the 3 versions did all sound different. I really wanted to like them, but none of them sounded right for my rig & ears. I moved on - very happily - to a Lovepedal and an MXR, and I hope whomever has my old OCDs is enjoying them more than I did.