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    Just a random guitar update thread. Pay no mind.

    I’m so delighted with a great string combo I stumbled into, I had to share. I had a box of elixir 10 and 11 gauge nano sets lying around and it was time for a string change on the Strat. I took the EAD from the 11’s among with the GBE from from the 10’s and set them aside.

    While the strings were off, I added some fall-away relief to the last 3 frets and added a baseplate to the bridge pickup. I set the guitar up with the new strings and was able to nearly deck the strings on the fretboard without any appreciable buzz and the action is so nice.

    Total game changer. I planned on tuning Eb, but went standard pitch and really enjoy the tone and tension I’m getting. The guitar is even more resonant and vibrant acoustically and The string radius at the bridge is now perfect.

    I initially hated the bridge pickup’s new tone until I lowered it. Now it is perfect on it down and mixed with the middle pickup.
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