My band is playing some Dead Songs and I like it


Aug 25, 2017
Garcia and Hunter were one of the great songwriting duos. Bertha, Brown Eyed Women, Scarlet Begonias, Loser, Row Jimmy . . . They produced so many great songs.

It's funny playing them because they often sound like straightforward country tunes until I try to play them. Garcia's chord changes don't follow any standard logic.
Absolutely and maybe the greatest songwriting duo. Their song list is so long and great.

It's funny you mention Jerry's chord changes. So many don't follow any standard logic and when I play them, I just get amazed that he chose these perfect chords every single time. I was taking a bunch of lessons from Daniel Donato in the last couple of years and we talked about that exact topic several times. How Jerry decided to use the chords he did is pretty cool and interesting. There are so many examples but just a few that come to mind; Dire Wolf, Row Jimmy, Ramble on Rose and even So Many Roads. All the way until the end he was still coming up with great unique chord progressions.