My 6 Strat Non-USA Collection

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    I have previously owned 3 USA Strats, so that kind of set the standard for my non-USA collection. The best of my USA strats was 1965 Sunburst/Rosewood board. An excellent strat that I sold in 1994 for need of money. So I realize it's hard to beat a good ol USA strat but with a little set up capability and experience, you can make so called copies pretty well stratified. All set up with floating trem. So here they are:

    No.1 1997 CIJ 50's reissue. Texas Special PU, American Special electronics, Buzz Feiton nut mod, DynaGuide String tree and Sperzel locking tuners.
    Bob's Stratocaster 002.jpg
    #2-2009-Squire Deluxe Stratocaster. Stock except DynaGuide String trees
    Squier Deluxe Stratocaster 020.jpg

    #3-2005 Affinity Squire Fat Strat. Stock except I DynaGuide String trees and installed screw/plug in bottom of trem block arm hole to allow trem bar tension screw to be installed.
    1.jpg #4-ION Strat-Mods-Fender Hwy 1 Strat Pickups, Tele 250K pots, Mallory .047 tone cap, DynaGuide string trees, two chicken head knobs and One radio shack knob. Had to install two deck screws to repair cracks in body and replace tremolo system.
    ION Upgrade 005.jpg
    5-1998 Affinity Squire Strat. Stock except DynaGuide String Trees and Gotoh staggard classic tuners.
    #6-2004 Behringer iAxe 393-Mods-USA Vintage Strat Wiring Kit, Artec Classic Alnico V pickups, Roller string trees
    iAxe393 002.jpg
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