Friend of Leo's
Dec 6, 2021
I've been to a few of these events, with various levels of enjoyment but mostly good.
The first one I saw was Ray Davies in the early 90s when his book X-Ray came out.

Every November my daughter and I have a night/day out to an event of some sort.
It started in 2013 in response to the events of the year before (November 2012) when I had to miss her 18th birthday party because I was going into rehab, ironically the rehab clinic was across the road from the pub where I'd 'wet her head' when she was born.
She called my rehab her "favourite 18th birthday present".

My daughter probably was affected the most by my drinking because during those years my wife worked away from home and my daughter had to self-parent to an extent back then, as well as picking up the slack for her younger brother. It occurs to me that might be why she's now a helluva good mother, despite bringing 4 kids up on her own.

This year she's picked the event (she picks it every year) and for her 28th birthday and my 10th (sober) birthday, we're going to see Bono's night of words and music in Glasgow.
Yes, Bono (I await the usual ad hominems from various folks), and it will be almost exactly 41 years since I first saw U2 play.

The full day is now organised, beginning with a chat I've arranged for her with a couple of psychology and philosophy profs I know at the university in Glasgow where she hopes to study next year (which will exponentially increase my babysitting duties).
Followed by a meal, I'm treating her to the rare indulgence of "the Ubiquitous Chip" near the university.
Then it's off to the Clyde Auditorium (aka the Armadillo) for an evening with Mr Hewson.

I don't do the Christmas thing and rarely socialise, so this is my big event of the year.

Excited already.