Musical Performers You Miss Terribly.

Lou Tencodpees

Oct 15, 2020
Near Houston
It's a question that brings an odd list of players to my mind. A couple that have been mentioned are Jim Croce and John Lennon. I think Croce had a potential of many years left in him that left a void in the genre. Lennon seemed to be "growing up" at 40, an age that I identified my own "adulthood". His murder left a surreal emptiness. I had turned 21 on the day he turned 40. 12/8/1980 was the only day I cried for the loss of a musical icon.

In recent years the 2 musicians that really bummed me out when they departed were Charlie Baty (Little Charlie and the Nightcats) and Gary Brooker.
I wasn't really tuned into Bowie's career beyond his inescapable presence in rock history, but Mick Ronson's passing was sad for me. I had the opportunity to hang with him during the production of a friend's recording project.

Flip G

Dec 4, 2010
Kitchener ON
I read through the posts and didn't see Eddie Cochran listed.

I love playing his riffs on guitar.

DiedApril 17, 1960 (aged 21)
Bath, Somerset, England



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May 3, 2016
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Jim Croce, I loved his music and stories.

Duane Allman, he was jus starting and wonder what we would have heard if he had lived longer.

Harry Chaplin, think he had much more music in him

I am getting older and all my heroes are getting older and this list just grows. Many other great artists have already been mentioned.


Aug 2, 2017
You all have hit up most that was on my mind. I'll add Jerry Jeff Walker.


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Feb 2, 2019
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Lots, for different reasons.
It may be against the spirit of the thread, but the most impactful one was my grandfather. Try as I might, I can't get the steel guitar to sound even 10% as good as he did.

After that, in order they come to mind:
Mia Zapata. If you don't know, look her up. She fronted a band out of Seattle that would have probably blown up HUGE after Nirvana got famous. Her voice was fantastic. Her writing was great. Her band was tight. Several catchy songs. By all accounts, a really nice, positive person to be around. She was murdered andraped one night walking home from a gig. It took them years to find the killer, who I believe is serving a life sentence. We will never know what could have been.

Cobain. I honestly have no idea what he would have done. I mean, let's get past the 6×lethal dose of vein poison in him when the gsw took him. Let's pretend the rumors were legit, he leaves Courtney because he was already hooking up with his dealer... if he survives THAT period, he eventually gets clean by the 00s, Nirvana gets back together, and instead of having to pretend the foo fighters have good songs, we just get more Nirvana for like 20 years, until Kurt's body can't do it anymore and he's in an Ozzy like state of not being able to tour. I remember my brother being pretty shaken up about that one when it happened. I didn't grasp the gravity of it until much later when there were still copycat ls imitating how he (allegedly) did it.

Prince- huge talent, then hear all these stories later thst he was a philanthropist, orchestrated things happening for people but refused to be known to have done it. Shame he went how he did.

Tom Petty hit me hard. I grew up listening to him, never got to see him live, and the last time I tried getting tickets all that was left were behind a large concrete column. He died that year.

Zevon I'd just started getting into when he knew he was dying. Still sucked.

Buddy Holly was, in retrospect, the missing link between Elvis and the Beatles, and frankly I liked his (much more limited by mortality) body of work more than either of thiers.

Lastly, BB, Les Paul, pinetop perkins and Herry Lee Lewis. I'd wanted to see each of them. Pinetop was ancient, but the others didn't strike me as about to go. Every time, I'd pull up lists of who I'd always wanted to see would be coming nearby. And Every time, the number of people seems to shrink.

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Oct 11, 2017
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I miss my buddy Eric, a sax man of incredible talent. Unfortunately, he did not survive the unspeakable that took hold in 2020. I rarely mourn the death of celebrities.

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Mar 21, 2017
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I don't look at this as me mourning someone. Maybe "missing him" isn't quite the way I'd describe it either, but I knew what the OP was getting at and felt like chiming in on behalf of an underdog. Maybe someone will even hear him for the first time and become a fan. I just liked the guy and his output.


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Nov 15, 2009
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My friend of 30 years, Bill Colbert.
Bill was killed by a drunk driver on Nov 14, 2015, at 2AM.
He was 60.
We had just finished our regular Friday night gig at Donn’s Depot, with Donn, in Austin.
A venue we both played regularly since we were in our 20’s.
Bill was T-boned by a drunk 21 year old who ran a red light at 70 mph.
The impact drove Bill’s car into mine, we were side by side, in our respective cars.
I just got banged up, with a torn meniscus and concussion.
Bill literally saved my life.
Had he not been to my immediate left, the drunk would have killed me.
He was happily married, for 35 years, just retired from 30 years at the IRS, had two great kids, and two grandsons at the time.
He now has a granddaughter he never knew.
Bill was a brilliant songwriter and bassist, a man of faith, generous and kind to a fault.
I, and all who knew him miss him like a brother.
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