Musical Performers You Miss Terribly.


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Jun 7, 2018
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Because of their talent but also because they somehow, maybe by just being in the right place at the right time or singing lyrics that touched your heart at a crossroad moment in your life or just made you enjoy being alive just a little bit more when they took the stage or came on the tube or whatever, bore a place inside you that can never be filled by anyone else. Almost like a permanent link of some type. A familiarity garnered that you've never been able to dismiss. Their lose never really healing or fading away. They must have been very important to you. Who were they? You don't have to say why but feel free to. Maybe just a list. Those musical performers now past that still seem to have a life inside of you. The ones that will live on in you as long as you live.

I've never had a particular genre that I stayed with. I've always been open to virtually all of them. This isn't a list about the "the best" or "the fastest" or "the most important in the music world. For most I assume this will be a rather short list. You can be a fan of many but your heart will only truly break with the passing of a few. My list contains no instrumental technicians or Rolling Stones Greatest of all Time. They're people who, over time, affected me deeply in ways I can never thank them enough for. For me .........

Glen Campbell. Someone I would have chosen for a friend. Someone I would have shared songs with and jammed with. A smile of welcome for one and all.

Jerry Reed. Open honesty. Life is what it is and I share it with you. We can make this work.

Harry Nilsson. An introvert I can identify with. Sharing many of the same life problems I'm saddled with while still creating a treasure trove of wonderful songs.

Karen Carpenter. Simply the finest and most expressive female vocalist my ears have ever been blessed to hear. Her single voice would surpass a choir of angels. I've felt heartsick for the many years since her passing.

Danny Kaye. Appearing in many musicals sharing a talent for the ages. In the back round a wonderful human being that did everything he could to make the world a better place.

Johnny Cash. A soul that had to be dealt with time and time again. So wonderful yet failing time and time again. A man who's voice captured the truth of what it means to be human. The perfect lack of perfection and a fine example of try and try again.

Roger Miller. No other individual in this list has provided me so much happiness from such a limited amount of material. While his output was sparse his input in the good things I came to know in life was huge.

John Denver. Yes. The definition of a country nerd. I can't help it. Some of his tunes made the songwriter inside me shed tears. The heart he possessed was huge.


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John Prine and Jerry Garcia

Two of my favorite musicians, whose music I will always listen to, and always perform- just love them!


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Marc Morfei

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Feb 6, 2018
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Mostly the guys who died too young. For the guys who had a full career, you miss them but they already made the greatest music they were going to make. The tragedy is the other guys, whose legacy is just a fraction of what it might have been. Duane Allman (died at age 25!), Buddy Holly (22), Jim Hendrix (28), Bob Marley (36), John Lennon (40), Prince (55), Amy Winehouse (27). Just think of all the great music that never got made....:cry: