Music videos where the medium of the musical instrument was the key feature.

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    Well ever since the music video became the primary way for artists to promote themselves, people had fun with the medium and took it to very memorable extremes. (Peter Garbriel's "Sledgehammer")
    But there were also videos where the musical instrument itself became the key feature and people came up with some pretty cray ideas.

    First up and no doubt making fun on how overblown the "Big eighties drum sound" started to become, Hall and Oates made fun of that with having an actual giant drum kit in their Video for "Out of touch"

    According to Steve Barron, who was the director for the video for Fleetwood mac's "Hold me", the video was no fun to do since the none of the band members were getting along with the others and almost every scene had to be shot apart from the others. The music video with John and Mick being musical archeologists, digging up a grand piano and several dozens of Yamaha guitars however is very much fun to watch.

    The Eurythmics and Aretha Franklin "Sisters are doing it for themselves" has Dave Stewart doing memorable solo in which his Gretsch morphs into a Gibson J-200, which morphs into Coral sitar...

    And speaking of having more guitars around than what would be considered good for you. Can't forget Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Cold shot"
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    This sounds like an exam question.

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    Tom Petty's Video for "You Got Lucky" is the same idea only with more of a post-apocalyptic feel. Mike Campbell finds a hollow-bodied Gretch (with Bigsby, nach) in a ruin just in time for the guitar solo.

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