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Discussion in 'Music to Your Ears' started by TDPRI, Oct 14, 2010.

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    We get a lot of complaints about the things people post in the Music Forum and I wanted to make a general comment about this.

    Think of the Music to Your Ears Forum as a baseball forum. Some are Mets fans others think they suck. Some hate Barry Bonds, others worship him.

    We'll it's the same way here. Some folks hate country. Others love it. Same goes for Rap, Classic Rock, Jazz and the list goes on and on. Some hate Clapton and others think he's "God". You might like John Mayer (I do) others think he's "talentless."

    Every subject in this forum is kind of like the Relic/Non-Relic argument elsewhere on the TDPRI.

    So please keep in mind that you and your little opinion are just that YOUR LITTLE OPINIONS. You don't know the answer -- there is no right and wrong. Just your little opinion.

    We don't care what your opinion is -- but we care if you're so immature that you want to fight with someone that has a different opinion than you. All we ask is that you act mature and treat everyone with respect no matter how difficult that is.

    Fight about it... and get banned. OR live and let live. The choice is yours.
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IMPORTANT: Treat everyone here with respect, no matter how difficult!
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