Multiple vintage BF amps recording in stereo


Apr 29, 2022
I got a little creative with my amps tonight. trying something new and the results really sound great. I am running in to the 1967 2x12 Pro Reverb on the right, then in to the Fryette PS100, out of the Fryette effects send, in to the old Boss GT3 which I am using as a splitter and also to add a bit of reverb, delays or compression if I want it, then taking a line out of that in to the 2x10 1963 Bandmaster on the Left.

The other out of the GT3 goes back in to the effects return of the Fryette which attenuates the sound to room volume. This really sounds great and has a ton of possibilities! For example, I'm able to use the reverb or vibrato on the Pro Reverb, and then feed that in to the Bandmaster, or keep it clean and just add vibrato on the Bandmaster. I even got 2 blackface vibratos going at the same time, bouncing off off each other with the reverb from the Pro feeding both amps. So many possibilities. Its getting too late tonight to record with but tomorrow I am going to throw another 57 on the Bandmaster and then run Stereo tracks in to my Otari MTR 12 which I have synced to my RME UFXII via an Aardvark TimeSync II so everything syncs up to the DAW.

The Amp Maniac is running at 116v to keep both vintage amps cool. I got the idea for this because I wanted to mic both the 2x12 and 2x10 at the same time which give very different sounds. The Pro is running 1968 Utahs and the Bandmaster has 2020 Jensen C10Qs. The Utahs are kind of scooped and vintage sounding, and the Jensens are much flatter and midrangey and up front.

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