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    Jan 9, 2010
    A couple years ago I bought a use special edition 60's MIM strat. It was a color called lilac and I admit that the light purple color bothered me so I sold it. It sounded and played great. I kept my American standard strat. I then took some old fender reissue 54 pickups I had and wired up a new pickguard for the American standard. A couple of days ago I picked up a used vintera 50's strat in seafoam green. Not really a color I like but it plays great and sounds better to me than the American strat with 54 pickups. These classic series 50's and 60's and the vintera 50's are killer guitars. I have never tried out a comparable tele but I am thinking I would love it too. No reason to swap pickups in the strats- they sound great as is
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    I've owned 5 Teles in my life. 1 was an american, two were mexicans, one was a Peavey and the one I got now is a Squier Affinity.

    I honestly feel like the American was my least favorite sounds. Go figure. Actually the peavey was probably worse but the opposite way. More dead and dull sounding. The Amercian was like too twangy for me.

    I think there's something right about the more subdued sound of the mexicans and the quality seems good to go most of the time. My friend just got a used special edition 60's MIM in cream and when I played it I was like waaaaaaaa? It felt really good to me and he hasn't even set it up. It wasn't like the set up was perfect to me either. But it felt really nice. I was playing through a small amp with some boss pedal that was like a modeling pedal with tons of stuff so I don't really know how the sounds were. But my guess is I would like it through my own amp.
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