MRS 24's Mother's day brunch breakfast

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    At 09:00 am Mrs 24 got coffee in bed , and was advised to get up when she felt so inclined

    11:50 Mrs 24 decised she ran out of ZZZZZ's and arose , after being served a second cup of coffee (while she recined in position on the couch ), I approached the subject of breakfast/Brunch. She accepted . this was the recipe I followed
    with following exceptions

    1) I put fresh basil from our plant in with the chives
    2) after placing the Mozza ,I placed a thin slice of Honey ham folded to fit
    3) before going into the oven to Bake I sprinkled Parmesan on top of the grated mozza

    I cooked this for about 30 min at 400 F and i will cook the next one for at least 35 ( video claims 25 Min)

    other than the above I followed this recipe exactly

    I served this with Fried bread instead of toast, home made marmalade and a fresh cup of brewed coffee

    smiles were had all around

    Hey guys if you want to impress your significant .... this will do it , fast easy and REALLY TASTY
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    Sounds tasty
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