Moving a upright piano


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Mar 6, 2011
So, observations from having a used piano delivered from the music store back in the day. Spoiler: we moved it several times after that.
a.) Van. Ditch the truck. Van is at curb height on the right side (especially minivans).
Rule 1: Do not deadlift a piano.
b.) Piano dolly with straps/pads. Piano legs and wheels and helpers get broke otherwise.
c.) Some lengths of 2x12 and 3/4" plywood to build ramps if needed.
Rule 2: Minimize ramps. Scope the site. Coupla steps? Lotsa steps?
Just saying, but two young guys delivered our piano. Clever not brawny. Your mileage will vary. Each piano delivery is different.
So, I would look at getting the thing moved by pros. Our delivery was free, but the store we bought it from offered that. I'd try talking with a music store for a package delivery fee. Once delivered, the box will need tuned, for sure.
Either way, you can do it or help do it or help direct it. An upright piano is a really cool thing if it works and stays in tune.
Rule 3: Make sure it works and can be tuned before you move it (see Rule 1).


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Jan 4, 2022
Has anyone addressed Expomovers to move their piano? How was it going? We are moving to California in several months and I'd like to send my piano with a reliable company. I'l also like to ask what is the average price you pay for such service? How long in advance do you need to make your request? I'll appreciate any input.
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