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  1. Recce

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    May 3, 2016
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    I like to watch MotorWeek. One of my favorite segments is Goss’s Garage. This isn’t because I think he gives great information but because I think he over complicates simple things. One was changing oil. He explained how you had to be very careful in the funnel you used because some cars had a piece past the oil filler cap you could hit if your funnel was to long or not fit the hole if the funnel was to wide at the bottom. Well okay, I have been changing oil for 45 years and this has never been a problem. At least he didn’t say if you cannot find the oil fill cap it can say oil and if you are looking at it upside down it would then say 710.

    He also has discussed tires. Did you know different vehicles have different tires because they have different uses? Yes, I knew that also. Overall it is a humorous overly complicated segment that could be done in a better way.
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    You know how to find dead center of the bottom of your car,, drop a wrench;)
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    Cant say I've ever had funnel issues or not understood tire sizes.

    I have stripped a lug nut on my wifes van that was seized and made partially of aluminum.... then accumulated an arsenal of extractor sockets and "gator sockets" removing it, with the dramatic conclusion being my 125lbs, 5'4" self popping the extractor socket on, using a brand new 1/4" drive 18" Duralast Breaker bar in it, pulling upwards counterclockwise and snapping the bar at the shaft.
    (That's not even how I USE a breaker bar, I was testing the dang Extractor sockets grip before trying to stand on it....)

    I feel like I'd make good TV..........
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  4. Mike Eskimo

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    Nov 9, 2008
    The host/creator/producer is John Davis.

    The way he speaks infiltrates/influences everyone else on the show.

    Just like 60 minutes, CBS Sunday , and many other shows where there is basically one way of delivery that everyone apes/adopts.

    Davis himself has an uptick that I find maddening and hilarious at the same time ...
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