Motorola Tube Amp Transformer Question

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    I have a nice old 40-50's motorola record player I gave to my inlaws. It went up in smoke, bought it home, plugged it in....lots of smoke. Open it up, looks pretty pristine (I was expecting the whole thing to be melted. Everything looks good visually. Power Transformer was very hot (everything else is cool) so I expect it is fried. Amp Model HS-544 (apparently a pretty good amp). Two 6V6, two 12au7, 1 6au6a, 5y3gt. Transformer is 25C632257. Apparently hard to find, nearly impossible. On Audiokarma, in old thread, poster said Hammond 272DX is a replacement. Bunch of questions.
    1. Wires are different on the Hammond. Do I just use the schematic and try to match the wires up?
    2. Should I be looking at the capacitors as maybe why the transformer blowed? Which ones? What about the cap can?
    3. I can buy the schematic, but anyone just happen to have one to share...that would be great.
    4. Any other suggestions on finding or purchasing or selecting a transformer.
    See pictures. Tried to get them with my iphone, but I can put a camera on them with good lighting if anyone is interested.

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    I would suggest that one would want to know what components are bad before money is spent...especially on transformers.
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