Most reliable custom guitar neck manufacturer?

give me the toan

Feb 16, 2021
Hi all, as I'm starting a new project, I'll need a neck to go with it. I want to order a custom neck because I like to apply my own Tru-oil finishes as well as painting the headstock, and I can't be arsed to sand an existing neck down to bare wood. I'm ruling out Warmoth and Best Guitar Parts because the former doesn't offer a 7.25 radius, and the latter doesn't offer block inlays. My desired specs are:

24" scale length
Maple with rosewood fretboard
7.25" fretboard radius
Dual acting truss rod with headstock access
Vintage or Medium Jumbo frets (stainless steel not required)
Block inlays, but no binding

I've gotten a neck like this from BYOGuitar before, and it works well, but I couldn't help but feel like the fret slots were cut too deep, because on most frets there was excess space under the frets at the edges of the fretboard. I'm considering ordering from Musikraft, but I've heard their customer service response times are horrendous, and while I trust that 99% of their necks are well made, I'd rather have a backup. Are there any alternatives to Musikraft anyone can attest to?