Modern Maple neck/FB refret tips please

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    Dec 30, 2018
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    My 2006 Am Std Strat (one piece maple neck) is at the point of requiring its first refret job.
    I really don't want to damage the FB finish, it's critical to the feel when bending strings, of which I do alot of;)), and I don't have confidence that I'll be able repair the finish if damaged to this standard and feel.

    Not mine, but this is what mine looks like (not the fret wear)
    Capture.PNG Capture 1.PNG

    I've never refretted a guitar although I've fretted 3 of my own necks - all rosewood Fret Boards, oiled necks.

    I've watched a number of youtube tutorials on maple FB refrets, so I got some ideas

    So this is not asking for advise on fret leveling, etc, but rather on maintaining the integrity of the maple finish.

    So any tips will be appreciated???

    Some questions:
    - What finish is on these necks? is it a thin satin 2K poly?

    - Tips on heating frets without damaging the clear coat by overheating?

    - tips on preventing breakout of fret slots

    - when filing the fret ends (leveling the tang ends to the neck sides), how do you protect the finish, and when done, how do you cover the tang ends - currently the clear coat covers the tang ends. Or do you just leave the the tang ends uncovered from here on end?

    - Up to now I've used thin CA to glue frets in, however I'm hesitant doing it with the clear coat finish, trying to clean up/ scrape off inevitable CA runs/ spills.

    There's a number of Lutherans using wood glue to glue in frets, and in the case of a clear coated maple neck it makes sense to me since you can just wipe off excess glue. Any thoughts on this practice?

    Any other tips?
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