Modern Ashtray Style Bridge Replacement

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    I installed this bridge, which is made of steel and comes with Wilkinson brass compensated saddles can be found under various descriptions at Amazon and eBay, on my 50's style Fender Telecaster (swamp ash body and solid maple soft-v neck). I paid $36.95 for this bridge at Amazon. I didn't get the calipers out to compare with the four-hole Fender Patent Pending stamped original vintage but I'd say the metal thickness is real close with the Fender slightly thicker. This import is magnetic (as you might suppose). I love this double-notched, or cutdown sides style. This is much better for a player like me who uses a pick and fingers, plus I can set the bridge pickup lower without worrying about interference from the other raised sides style. The plating looks at least as good as Fender. I highly recommend. No loss of tone from this; maybe a but more twangy, but I'm probably hearing what I want to hear. BTW, I used my Hipshot compensated tele saddles which I already had. I'm used to those but I'd have no problem with the Wilkinson saddles if that's all I had to use.
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